Parkdale Willows Limousin Stud

Owners Jim and Jo McGuire have been involved in Limousin cross commercial cattle since 1985, as of 2006 Parkdale Willows have included Limousin stud cattle into their breeding plan. The stud has a strong line of excellent sires and dams from local and interstate leading breeders, Parkdale Willows top sires include Willow Park Extra KoolKid.

The Parkadale Willows Limousin cattle is grazing on rich fertile country that provides excellent quality feed. In addition, we use modern animal nutrition technology, to achieve the optimal development and best potential of our stock. We pride ourselves on breeding healthy, extremely good tempered, well structured and superbly muscled Limousin cattle. Of course our priority is to further improve the genetic makeup of our herd via AI and embryo transfer.